Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Webley 363 cal Revolver

     This is a nice surviving example of the solid frame Webley No. 5 double action revolver. With the black powder proofed 3-inch barrel chambered for the (obsolete) 363 caliber center fire cartridge, the previous owner reported good results with low-pressure 38 special wadcutter loads. This pistol appears in percfect mechanical condition, with a clean, crisp bore and sharp riflling. Cylinder and chambers are great, and action is crisp, tight and well timed. Professionally, we would have to recommend that one exercise extreme caution before considering firing antique guns.
     As one can see from the photos, the nickel plating has suffered some deterioration, which can be expected with a 113-plus year old pistol. Surprisingly, the plating has survived better on the loading gate, hammer spur, trigger and trigger guard.
     The one-piece grips are in nice shape, with some dings and scrapes in the flat-top checkering, and one gouge on the right side bottom. The wood is crack-free and very presentable, with some age-shrinakge at the inletting.
     Overall, this is a refreshing, un-messed-with example of a comparatively scarce antique revolver which would grace any nice Webley collection.

     Offered at $1850 SOLD
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