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Woodward 4-Bore Single

     This is a huge, magnificent and unique example of British craftsmanship. Like a hand held Punt Gun, this fifteen pound four ounce market hunter's game-collecting tool wears a 42" barrel and a 14-1/2" length of pull. Muzzle diameter measures 0.937" and using a telescoping gauge, bore is 0.935" four inches back from the muzzle. These measurements, in combination with the "6" stamped on the barrel, under the fore end, suggests this is actually a 6 bore/gauge (nominal bore diameter 0.619") which has been cleaned-up to 0.935" We cannot determine whether there is any choke restriction. Where can one find 6 gauge shells? We don't know!
     Bore condition is very good: mostly shiny and bright, with small scattered areas of staining, but no discernible pitting. The beautifully browned Damascus Barrel sports the Woodward "flat" at the top of the breech, and the Jones underlever lock-up is tight and positive to the breechface.
     B. Woodward and Sons, a Birmingham maker, created this massive gun. We have not been able to locate additional information for this firm except for their last reported location at 10 Whittall Street, in the Birmingham gun quarter, from 1840-1883. The action is decorated with beautiful engraving, a sculpted hammer, and deep percussion style fence.  These are details we would not expect to see on this type of gun.
     Metalwork retains a great amount of un-medded-with condition. There is evidence of spotty surface corrosion staining, but now big rotten-away areas. There are no deal killers hiding on the gun. Most of the case colors have faded away, leaving a gray patina. The engraving remains very decent in most areas, as do the game scenes on either side of the action. The lock is crisp and positive and the mainspring is very strong. 
     The stock and fore end appear crack free and are constructed of quite attractive pieces of walnut. The characters in the buttstock are inlaid, and of silver or a similar metal. There are scattered nicks and dings in the wood, which is expected for a gun this old, but the checkering is still very crisp and presentable.
     We consider this a particularly rare find which would equally benefit the most advanced of British Gun Collectors and those seeking the thrill of firing an ultra-large-bore shotgun, just for shock value. Bring this to the range and watch a crowd gather!

     Offered at $7950
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