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     Magnificent! One rarely encounters a rifle of these proportions, ornamentation and level of condition! This Samuel Nock muzzle-loading 6-bore double rifle intimidates just sitting in its fitted case. Built ca. 1844 for Amir Muhammad Ali Khan, according to the rib engraving, the rifle's history is unknown up to the time it recently surfaced in the California Central Valley.
     The Ali Khan family was reportedly leaders of the Sufis in southern India, in the state of Maharashtra. We understand the family is still prominent, especially on the island of Capri, and that some of their members are involved with the UN refugee committee.
     To give some idea of the proportions here, the case measures approx 40-1/2X14X5" and is a chore to lift this 39 pound package. The rifle measures 52-1/4" from muzzle to toe and weighs just over 14 pounds. The barrel set weighs nearly ten pounds on its own. Beautiful gold-inlaid Damascus barrels are 36" long...YES, thirty-six inches! Some bullets and balls are present in the case, but unfortunately no bullet molds. We weighed some of the pictured projectiles: the conical bullet is approx 4.6oz (around double the mass of a 700 Nitro Express projectile) and the rounds 3.1oz. The bore measures 0.935-0.940 at the muzzles (nominal 6-bore is 0.919"), using a vernier. Measuring across the deep rifling grooves this dimension grows to 1.035-1.040" Using a strong light to view part way down the bores, we notice slight patina/discoloration but no red flags as far as roughness or pitting. The bores are relatively smooth to the touch for the first few inches, as far as one's finger can reach, anyhow...
     To get a fuller understanding of the scale here, the barrel breech is nearly 2-1/24 inches wide, and we measured 2-1/4" across at the muzzles! The butt is 5-13/16" by 2" wide...Compare these dimensions to your upland game gun or medium bore double rifle...
     Length of pull is approx 14-1/4" over the contoured steel butt. Wood to metal fit is great, with the metal just a bit proud over the wood due to age. Sculpted hammers with sliding safety bolts, large percussion fences and gold inlaid game scene engraving are in keeping with the Best Quality Pedigree of this early Big Game rifle.
     Here is the opprotunity to own a piece of history.

     We invite inquiries regarding further details and price.
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