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8X57IR Double Rifle

Grown men, myself included, before realizing what had come from their mouths, have described this rifle as "dainty" or "cute." Made by "C. Guntherman, Hofbuchsenmacher, Dusseldorf" (my apologies to our German readers, for the omission of the umlauts) Weighing 7 pounds 6 ounces (scope assembly an additional 1 pound, 4 ounces) this rifle feels light and lively in the hands, and balances almost exactly at the hinge pin.
As we see from the photos, stock is constructed from a beautifully-figured piece of walnut, retaining pride over the metal in all but a few areas. 14-1/8" pull to front trigger, slight cast (for right-handed shooter) properly-positioned functional cheekpiece and 2-1/2" drop at heel cause this rifle to come to the shoulder, almost intuitively, for a wide range of different-size shooters who have tried it. Many of us were surprised! However, sometimes gun and rifle proportions are just magical and work well for many different people; this rifle is such an example. Also notice the Holland and Holland style sling swivels, with the built-in stops so they don't hit the wood! These will accomodate a 3/4" wide sling. Butt end is curved and nicely finished with a basket-weave buttplate.
23-3/4" Krupp Guss-Stahl Barrels appear completely un-messed-with, including their black finish. With "rust bluing" on this and most other doubles, the knurled rib-matting is a barometer of how much polishing and re-blacking has been performed. This rib retains excellent, proud knurled matting. Other barrel details include fine bead front sight, strong extractors, hand-fitted Suhler Claw mounts, side clips, tasteful breech engraving and Greener style rib extension with cross-bolt third fastener. Rear express sight consists of one standing/fixed sight, but originally had an additional folding leaf. That leaf is now missing. I suspect the previous owner read John "Pondoro" Taylor's book "African Rifles and Cartridges" and promptly, at Taylors recommendation, removed the folding rear leaf. Taylor preached that temptation to use folding leaves would almost always cause a miss by shooting over the target, as most shooters over-estimate their distance from the target...Bores, rifling and chambers are in GREAT condition...not new, but great. Rifling crisp from front to back, clean chambers; lands and grooves retain a nice shine as well. Nitro-proved for maximum 230 grain (15 gram) metal-jacketed bullets, these barrels lock-up nice and tight to the action, with top-lever nicely just a bit to the right of center.
The expertly-sculpted horn trigger guard evokes visions of Friedrich der Grosse (Frederick the Great) trudging through the woods with his double rifle, stopping abruptly and silently, beginning the stalk...I digress...
The horn trigger guard frames nicely the polished double triggers, each of which can be pressed forward, creating a "set" or "hair" trigger; they can, of course, also be pulled conventionally, without the "set" option. These triggers are part of the "Blitz action" or "trigger plate" mechanism used on this rifle, utilizing German DRGM (patent use) numbers 409828 and 407935. No intercepting sears, but will not double discharge so long as shooter does set both triggers at the same time!
Nicely sculpted action has tasteful English-style scroll engraving and "nick" and line borders. Top tang also engraved, SICHER (safe) gold-inlaid, under a non-automatic sliding safety.
Steel-body scope, CP Goerz manufacture, is about a foot long, 30mm diameter tube, very clear optics, positive adjustments and the claw-mount rings lock tight to the bases on the barrels. Reticle is a vertical post, its pointed top extending just above a solid fine horizontal line.
This rifle uses 8X57 IR ammunition. This is a rimmed cartridge, .318 diameter. Ammunition is available on the market, but is not the most common. Reloading components are readily available. We have one sealed box of factory RWS ammunition, loading dies, Woodleigh jacketed bullets, and Norma brass, which are included with the rifle.
 Enjoy the pictures...Maybe you will conclude as we have: this solid, German-made rifle benefits greatly from not looking like a typical German double rifle, but more like an English boxlock!  
This unique package, ready for your next hunt, is complete and ready to go...offered at $10500
Updated as of 6-6-2010, owner is willing to entertain reasonable offers on this rifle SOLD
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