Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

9mm Flobert Style Gun

Octagonal barrel 19-7/8" with sights! This old gun has a beautifully carved stock with markings painted on the left side of the butt "Navy Yard New York" There are no other markings, names or numbers that I see on the rest of the gun. Functional, but a bit of a chore to cock: top is broken from the "safety reed" (a term I just made-up) behind the hammer spur, which, when thumbed, along with the hammer, unlocks the breech. Bore appears OK but is dirty. Tang and trigger guard are nicely engraved and all the metal has a nice original, un-messed-with patina. This is a neat little collectible gun, for sale as-is only

Offered at $550 SOLD
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