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Richmond, California

AF Stoeger 375 Magnum

     This rifle represents a rare combination of quality, craftsmanship and factory options, made possible by A.F. Stoeger in New York. At first glance we recognize the "Type A" (actually type "E" for "English", but pronounced "A" in German) Magnum length Mauser action with pre WWI markings on the left reciever wall (though the 98XXX serial suggests later 1928-1929 completion of the action assembly).
     When shouldered one discovers this is a brute of a hunting rifle with 27-1/2" tapered round barrel and hefty stock, built more to American proportions, of remarkably nice walnut, with five-point checkering on the forearm and 14-3/4" pull over Silvers pad, from checkered trigger blade. Barrel details, beside absolutely perfect bore and chamber, are banded sling stud and front and rear sight bases and the majestic one standing, four folding rear leaves with inlaid white metal vertical lines. Even more remarkable and rare is the fact we have a Magnum Mauser square bridge action factory cut for the Mauser quick detachable scope bases, and fitted with the Zeiss Zielfier scope! I have shot this riflle and am pleased that it not only tames recoil due to weight and stock geometry, but also shhots accurately, to both the scope and the express sights!

     Overall, this rifle is beyond reproach in every respect, and ready for your next Africa trip! Offered at $13500

     Update for 6/16/2010 While discussing this rifle with a very knowledgable Mauser collector from Texas, we decided to remove the barreled action from the stock. We discovered the bottom of the barrel, usually hidden ny the wood, has the Mauser BUGN proof marks, indicating this barrel was, almost without a doubt, installed and tested at the Mauser Factory. This is the first 375 H&H Magnum complete barreled action I know of that came from the factory. Usually the closest we see is a 404 Jeffery barreled action. Also notable is the masterful inletting of the stock. Lack of a serial number on the wood suggests the stock was built state-side, by a Stoeger associate or sublet. Likely John Dubiel or one of the masters at Griffin and Howe created this gorgious stock. SOLD
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