Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Browning Gd III Citoris

     This composed pair of virtually identical straight grip 12 bores is a unusual find! The guns are as beautiful today as they were the last time they went afield, which was twenty-two years ago in England. Guns appear as-new, and close inspection confirms that, but for a few handling nicks on the bottom of one stock, forward of the toe. Bores, chambers, breech face are clean and crisp. 28" barrels have Invector screw chokes and 2-3/4" chambers. Build codes are both M13, indicating Grade III superlights; serial numbers are 134XX and 519XX, made in 1987 and 1988, respectively. Weight is seven pounds even on the earlier gun and four ounces more on the later. Pull is approx 14-1/2" from single gold selective trigger over the original Browning buttplates. Drop is approx 2-3/8" at heel and 1-3/4" at the comb nose. Both stocks are of exceptionally pretty walnut and the guns are nimble and lively. Buy as the pair, or call us for pricing of an individual gun, if you wish.

     The pair offered at $3500 SOLD
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