Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

CZ 28ga Ringneck SXS

     This beautiful little 28 bore side by side is in as new condition, with brilliant case colors and mint metal and wood finish. This one includes the Galazan trunk case and all accessories shown.
     The five pound, nine ounce gun has 2-3/4" chambered 26" barrels, screw chokes, side clips, selective single trigger and non-automatic safety. 14-1/2" pull, 2" drop at heel, balance just forward of the hingepin and the tall matted rib make for a quick handling little shotgun that would be a joy to carry in the field.
     Here is the opportunity to acquire a very handsome, cased 28 bore side by side that won't break the bank.

     This example offered at $1550 SOLD
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