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Cogswell 375 Deluxe

     Made by Cogswell and Harrison, London in the 1950's, this Model De Luxe was their highest grade bolt rifle. Chambered for the time-honored 375 H&H belted Magnum cartridge, and retaining a high level of condition and completeness, this rifle represents a rare find. British rifles are readily recognized from a distance because of their gracefull proportions and lines, and this is no exception. At eight and a half pounds and balancing just behind the forward action screw, this rifle gives the illusion of being smaller and lighter than it actually is; this is a feat usually associated with the British gun and rifle builders.
     The metal finish, which appears to be a professional and very well-done reblack, is beautiful, with minor wear behind the muzzle and thinning of the black on the Holland and Holland lightweight alloy bottom metal. There is no evidence of rust pitting or other types of abuse or neglect from the past. The preservation of the fine engraving details serves as a testament that any refinish was performed merely as a matter of maintenance. At twenty six inches, with crisp, clean shiny bore, chamber and rifling, this Vickers Steel barrel can take better advantage of the large 375 H&H mag cartridge. Proper proofmarks are visible at the breech for 375, 2.85" 19 tons. The tasteful barrel mounted quarter rib wears a classic three folding leaf express sight with gold-inlaid center lines.
     With 14-3/8" pull from the trigger over the Silvers recoil pad, the beautiful walnut stock facilitates easy target acquisition with either the express sight or the flip-up Parker Hale striker nut mounted peep sight. The wood finish is exquisite, with rich color, crisp shadow lines on the cheekpiece, and near flawless checkering and borders. The stock is crack-free, numbered to the rifle, and is fitted with the desirable engraved trap grip cap.
     The leather trunk case exterior appearance betrays the package's age, but has done its job of protecting the rifle. Case interior is very presentable, mold-free, and retains a handsome Cogswell trade label. The latch functions positively and the wrist strap is in great shape. Key is missing, and the exterior straps are getting stiff and cracking; Straps are a consumable, and replacements are readily available. Accessories include the pictured oil can and steel front sight hood.
     We witnessed this rifle being test fired. It is very accurate and we are certain it will provide many years of flawless service in the field, not to mention providing bragging rights for anyone who owns it. A beautiful, functional piece of Vintage Gunmakers art!

     This example offered at $10,500
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