Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Colt Officers 38 Target

     Fresh from the time capsule! We had this pistol detail cleaned and oiled and after the preservative grease and dirt were removed, we marveled at the little jewel you see here. Serial #4994XX is a Third Issue Officer's Model Target with six inch heavy barrel and adjustable sights front and rear. We consider this an extra finish pistol because of the high luster finish. Mechanically perfect as far as we can see, this revolver has a flawless bore and the cylinder locks-up tight woth no movement when the trigger is pulled. The internals look as nice as those in a Python and the action is smooth and slick in single and double action. There is just a slight hint of a drag line developing on the cylinder and we don't want to make it worse by playing with it. There is minor high edge wear on the sights and some thinning blue on the hammer, but other than that, the finish is perfect. The front and rear sights are by King Gunsights and may have been installed by that company as an aftermarket modification, but we don't know for sure. This pistol came to us with a set of vintage black Mershon grips. We swapped those for a set of walnut Sile grips we had sitting in the shop, since we think they look much better. The Mershon grips could be included with the pistol, upon request.
     Here is the opportunity to buy a spectacular example of Colt's pre-Python Officer's model 38.

     This example offered at $1450
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