Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Colt SAA 3rd Gen .45

     Here is a great third generation Colt single action revolver with desireable qualities such as 7-1/2" barrel and 45 Colt chambering. Mechanicals are in fine condition, including the bore. The gun does have evidence of having been used, such as "ring around the cylinder," high-edge blueing wear and fine scratches between the words "Colt" and "Single" on the side of the barrel. The walnut grips appear to be replacements but still fit rather well to the grip frame. Case colors on the frame are excellent, with very slight staining on the top strap evident under close scrutiny. Included with the pistol is the Colt cardboard and styrenefoam box with instruction manual.
     This would be a great opportunity to obtain a real Colt single action with great attributes, for an affordable price.

     Offered at $1150 SOLD
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