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Colt Single Action Rev.

     This 44-40 caliber "Frontier Six Shooter" revolver is in original condition with an even patina and mechanically very sound and crisp. 1898 manufactured pistol comes from the "Blackpowder Transition" period. The Blue Book of Gun Values indicates this transitional period lasted from 1896 to 1899 and "distinguishes single actions made with modern stronger frame(s) yet still considered antique by Federal law..." A Colt Factory letter was obtained for this pistol and shows the configuration to be correct, and that it was originally shipped to the Colt Agency in San Francisco, California in February 1898.
     This example has been the victim of incorrect storage, and over time moisture all but wiped-out the exterior finish, except for, conservatively, 10% of the exterior frame and hammer case colors, and a similar amount of blue on the cylinder. The oxidation process was arrested before it could create more than an even, frosted patina on the affected areas. There is a little "light pitting." The grip frame shows more natural and expected patina, for the pistol's age.
     Barrel is 4-3/4" overall and its bore is surprisingly shiny and nice! Machining marks can still be distinguished in the grooves and rifling is complete from front to back. There is evidence of slight spot-pitting  in the bore, but this barrel is far from "shot-out." The cylinder is mechanically in excellent shape, with machining marks and blueing still crisp in its "bores" and rear face. The cylinder enclosure in the frame retains all its case colors, and the breech face if free of burns, pitting or other signs of heavy use or abuse. The front of the cylinder pin shows "nicks" resembling plier marks. 
     Stunningly beautiful original grips, numbered to the pistol, are a testament to light use, as well as the crisp screw slots, sharp seams and edges where components attach to one another. This pistol's overall "togetherness," mechanically high-condition and production date make it a special, rare example. Overall this gun is a strong 35% and could rate possibly as high as 40% on the antique scale. We have seen many lesser examples for more money, as well as a select few pistols with better remaining finish for WAY more money.

     This ORIGINAL, un-messed-with example offered at $4350 SOLD
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