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Dakota African 2-bbl set

      Here is a great rifle for your next African Safari! Carry one box and hunt both Big Game and Plains Game!
     Custom built in 2006 for a well-traveled big game hunter, this deluxe two barrel set has a level of finish and list of factory options second to none. If commissioned today, this "African Traveler" package could easily cost upwards of $15000 and involve a substantial wait for project completion.
     With the twenty-four inch 416 Taylor barrel installed the rifle weighs nine pounds, fourteen ounces and balances just forward of the magazine floorplate. Options on this barrel include the beautifully sculpted quarter rib with one standing and two folding leaf express sight, banded sling swivel stud and banded front sight base with pushbutton release for the sight hood. The front sight also incorporates a flip-up night sight similar to early Holland and Holland and Westley Richards rifles. 
     When the twenty-four inch 338 Win Mag barrel is instaled, the rifle's weight is reduced to nine pounds, three ounces and the balance point moves to just behind the front recoil cross bolt. This barrel has a banded sling swivel stud and was crafted without open sights.
      Both barrel shanks, in the white, have minor moisture staining, caused from storage and sbsequent condensation inside a scabbard during the last hunt. This staining has no mechanical implications.
     The Beautifully figured Walnut stock was crafted by Dakota Arms from a staggeringly expensive select blank supplied by the customer and has approx 1-1/4" drop at heel and 13-5/8" pull from the trigger over original Dakota Arms recoil pad. Both ebony-capped fore ends match the grain and color of the stock surprisingly well; often fore ends do not match this well on multi barel sets. Finishing the stock are a steel grip cap with Dakota Arms logo in its center, shadow-lined cheekpiece and perfectly cut checkering. Sling swivel studs are styled like Winchester Super Grades but are scaled-down to approx 5/16" width across the swivel mounting hole.
     Additional factory options include a two-panel checkered bolt knob, two sets of lever-release Talley 30mm scope rings, gold initial oval, Wundhammer-style palm swell for right handed shooter and heavy-duty Walter carrying case. This case has compartments for the rifle subassemblies and for two scopes, which are not included.
     Rifle was sighted-in at the factory for Federal 338 Win Mag 225grn and A-Square 416 Taylor 400 grn ammunition and has since seen only light use in the field. The entire package retains a very high level of condition bot mechanically and aesthetically, with only the most minor of handling marks, visible under close scrutiny. 
     Here is your opportunity for instant gratification! A special and exclusive rifle package, for a great price, and available NOW!

     Offered at $11,995 SOLD
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