Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Darne 12ga Shotgun

     This is an exquisite vintage Darne sliding breech shotgun with a great look and super condition. Overall weight of this very early (serial #N934) example is six pounds one ounce.  26-3/4" barrels have a gorgeous swamped and matted rib and tip the scale at 3 pounds 13 ounces. Bores measure 0.724" with minimum wall thickness approx 0.022" Chambers measure 2-3/4" and appear  to have been lengthened at some point, as evidenced by the long forcing cones and markings on the barrel flats. There appears to be plenty of metal in the chamber area to support this conversion, and I have personally shot over 100 rounds of standard Pheasant 2-3/4" loads through this gun with no issues whatsoever. Both triggers are crisp and positive and the selective Darne-style extractor/ejectors operate flawlessly. The breech block and barrels lock up tight and positive and the block guide tracks are tight and crisp. 
     Drop is approx 2-1/2" at heel and 1-7/8" at the comb. The straight-grip stock has approx 14-5/8" pull from the front trigger over the soft, leather covered recoil pad. Benefitting greatly from a recent professional refinishing, the  stock is solid and beautiful, with perfect checkering and only slightly proud metal at the inletting, likely due mostly to age.
     Balance point is approx 2-1/4" forward of the breech and this gun seems alive in the hands!

This unique and lively example offered at $3350
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