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Richmond, California

Duane Wiebe Custom 30-06

     There are only a select few custom rifle builders left and Duane Wiebe is one of the greats. Producing only around ten full custom rifles per year, each piece is no less than outstanding. This Rifle is no exception! Built on a Belgian FN Mauser 98 action, this 30-06 would make any hunter or gun collector proud. Weighing total nine pounds three ounces and balancing at the back of the front ring, this piece is quite lively and the sling swivel locations will make it easy to carry in the field. 
     24" barrel has a clean, crisp, shiny bore with sharp rifling; its tough to refrain from calling the bore perfect! Barrel sports a front ramp sight with transverse dovetailed insert and protective knurled steel hood. The rear sight is a robust Williams unit with adjustable elevation and windage. Bottom of the barrel, in front of the receiver ring, has the Wiebe stamp. The receiver is standard, robust FN, serial #523XX, with solid left wall and full-length claw extractor for controlled round feed. These actions were produced by FN after WWII in a small quantity compared to German Mauser 98 actions, and are now highly sought after by custom buildes for their high level of finish, strength and superb looks. This example has the safety shroud modified for the Winchester-style safety, for scope clearance. Also notice the beautifully sculpted magazine floorplate, at the rear where the catch rests on it! The barreled action is masterfully full-contact bedded to the stock, from the recoil lug forward.
     Topping the rifle is a Leupold Vari-X III 2.5X8 scope on a Buehler one-piece base and Buehler rings. The scope has perfectly clear optics, smooth adjustments and a Duplex reticle.
     Stock is made from a gorgeous piece of Walnut, with stunning grain in the butt, which straightens through the wrist. Notice the perfectly flowing shadow-line cheekpiece, the checkered steel grip cap, rosewood fore end tip and the sexy little "outcrop" of wood framing the bolt stop box. This little touch is hard to execute without botching! Length of pull is approx 13-3/4" from the adjustable single-stage trigger over a still soft Pachmayr basket weave pad. Notice the five-point borderless checkering pattern, which is quite the nice extra touch, that only the most discerning of gun guys will appreciate.
     This rifle retains an easy 99% condition rating, with only the smallest handling marks to be noticed on both wood and metal, and only the slightest amount of blueing thinning on the floorplate and receiver front ring.
      A tremendous value at the asking price; today, $5500 would buy the labor for Mr. Wiebe make ONLY the stock, not including the cost of the wood! Here is your chance for instant gratification: great price and no waiting for a superb custom rifle, in a great caliber, from a famous and well respected American maker.

     Offered at $5500 SOLD
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