Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Featherweight 270 Mod 70

     Manufactured in 1959, this Featherweight #4981XX retains a delightfully high level of condition. The 270 caliber in a Featherweight is notably rare, and to have seen little use makes this a special rifle. Condition is a conservative 90+%, possibly scoring as high as a 95%. Walnut stock has paticularly nice grain, great checkering and only a few minor pressure marks and dings. Pull 13-1/2" over the factory plastic buttplate. Anodized aluminum bottom metal is correct for featherweights and has only a few minor scratches.
     Barrel has no sights or dovetails, measures approx 21-3/4" and has a beautiful, shiny bore with crisp rifling. Notice the picture of the front left portion of the barrel, showing some scratches and dings in the finish. Barrel lettering and proof mark are sharp and "proud" which implies no "polishing" has been performed post-factory. Receiver matte finish is excellent. Screw slots are crisp. There is slight blueing wear on the knob and small portion of handle shaft of the matching-number bolt. Bolt face cndition also suggests the rifle was shot very little.
     This rifle is topped-off with a vintage Redfield 2X7 scope on Buehler mounts. The scope has a fine cross-hair reticle and retains excellent, clear optics and smooth adjustments.

     Offered at $1400 SOLD
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