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H&H 12 Bore SLE

Holland & Holland true sidelock ejector 12 bore game gun with original, intact makers case and trade labels! Though at first glance, with 27" barrels, hand-detachable locks and just a bit more than border engraving, we thought this was a Badminton Model, it is not marked as such on the action bottom. According to Donald Dallas' book, the description "Badminton" did not appear in H&H books until gun #30570, shot and regulated in 1931; this gun is approx 200 (#3025X) numbers lower than that, so we conclude it is one of the last made under the description "No. 2 Hammerless Gun" or essentially a Royal Ejector minus the lavish engraving and action sculpting, as I understand it.
Though the case label prescribes 1-1/16oz load, barrel flats indicate 1-1/8oz nitro proof, chambers at 2-3/4". Beautiful bores measure .734 (.735 just before choke restrictions) and choked .011 and .023. Barrel Black is beautiful, ejectors are perfectly timed, triggers crisp and action locks up tight, on face, with top lever just a bit right of center. Nicely figured stock has 2-1/4 drop at heel and 14-1/4 pull to checkered butt; just beginning to let some proud metal show, but appears to be more a function of age and not a result of sandpaper! Checkering, around the borders in the wrist area especially, worn almost smooth. Game rib, automatic safety with "safe" in gold and balance point just forward of the hinge pin make this a lively little gun! Here is the opportunity at an honest, sound Holland & Holland sidelock ejector Game gun that won't cost so much that we wouldn't dare carry it into the field and use! Includes case and accessories shown.

Offered at $15995
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