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H&H Royal Ejector 375

     Holland and Holland 375 Flanged Magnum Bolstered Frame Royal Sidelock Ejector. There are few of these ultimate double rifles in existence, and even fewer with this combination of pedigree, vintage, condition and provenance. Rifle #3219X left the factory in 1935 to a very lucky owner. The original buyer had the forethought to request some interesting options on his rifle, such as the flip-over front night sight with ivory insert, quick detachable telescopic sight and a flip-up tangent sight, painstakingly fitted into the extra-wide and thick extended top tang.
     At 10 pounds, with 25" barrels and excellent bores and rifling, this example has everything we think of when we hear "Holland Royal Ejector Double Rifle" including great dimensions of 2-3/4" drop and 14-1/4" pull over fresh Silvers pad, hand-detachable back-action sidelocks, and articulated front trigger within beaded trigger guard. Barrels and bits were recently meticulously polished and reblacked, and their perfect appearance is stunning. This rifle now sports a new Zeiss scope. Original wood still proud above the metal and some case colors remain. Previously owned and used by French hunter Marc Pechenart. This gentleman, I believe, still holds the Safari Club International record for largest tusker, taken in the Central African Republic, with ivory weighing 148  and 154 pounds.
      This Holland and Holland further proved its worth at the rifle range, in the hands of a very capable double rifle shooter. This Gentleman was able to place two rights and two lefts in a one inch group at twenty five yards, at point of aim, with the open express sights. He then placed a similar four shots into a two inch group at fifty yards with the Zeiss scope attached.
     Only the most serious collectors and hunters are invited to email us with contact information. We expect this particularly special rifle to become available August 1, 2010.
Offered at $120,000 SOLD
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