Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Hollis 577 Nitro Express

Impressive! A. Hollis & Son underlever hammer rifle,weighing in at 13-3/4 pounds, with 25" Krupp-Steel Chopper-Lump barrels proofed for the 650-90 Cordite 577X3" Nitro Express cartridge. Barrels retain great bores with crisp, sharp rifling from back to front, strong extractors, flip-up ivory (REAL ivory, not a white sticker or paint) night sight and excellent black finish. Aside from locking-up tight, this rifle benefits greatly from a recent (approx 10 years ago) replacement stock of nicely figured dense walnut, bringing pull to 15-1/8" over Silvers recoil pad, also incorporates Holland-style cheekpiece, excellent wood to metal fit and silver initial oval. Rear sight has one standing, two folding leafs, marked 100,200,300 and is transverse dovetail mounted in the quarter rib, which then terminates in beautifully-fit dolls-head extension. Traces of case-color remain on the lever, action and the beautifully sculpted rebounding hammers, stradling percussion style fences. This brute of a rifle, complete with pictured accessories, comes impressively fit in the vintage leather trunk case with brass latch and new leather straps. Fine scroll evgraving covers more than half the metal surfaces. A real attention-getter at the range, this is also a practical, useable package, mechanically sound and ready for action against the biggest game. Please see website bellandcorbettoutfitters for more photos.  Offered at $34,500
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