Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Ithaca 20ga Ejector SBS

     This is simply a delightful little 20 bore ejector double gun! I'll describe this as an "extra-finish grade 2." The water table is marked "2" but stamped over "4" in one spot, suggesting this 20-bore started life slated to be a grade 4, but finished as a grade 2. Barrel flats are also stamped with both "4" and "2". However, the detail in the engraving and the checkered "peaks" on the pistol grip are more representative of a grade 3 than a grade 2.  Serial number 3122XX, weighing six pounds, eight ounces, left the Ithaca factory circa 1919. This example retains a very high level of condition rarely seen on a 92 year old gun. The receiver looks like it was engraved and case hardened yesterday, with only light thinning on the sharp edges. Barrel blacking is thinning at the muzzles, breaches and on the sides, above the forearm. This is where the guns usually get carried, and the finish worn by our hands.
     Balance point is just at the rear of the hinge pin and this gun has a lively feel to it! The stock is of an exceptionally beautiful piece of walnut. One would expect grain pattern like this to be reserved for higher grade guns. The inletting is crisp, proud of the metal in almost all areas, and solid on the head, where it meets the action. The metal on the tang of the trigger guard and on the bottom edge of the fore end iron is slightly proud of the wood. This is likely due to slight wood shrinkage with age. There is a small chip behind the top tang and some pressure marks/scuffing ahead of the heel, as seen in the photos. Pull is 15", from front trigger over the vintage "White Line" pad of 1-3/16" thickness. Drop is approx 1-9/16" at the comb and 2-3/8" at the heel and there is no perceptible cast. Checkering on the wrist and fore end is very strong and crisp.
     The 26" barrels weigh two pounds, fifteen ounces and ring nicely, indicating tight ribs. There is barely perceptible staining on the exterior surface, but no dents or serious pits of any sort. The perfectly filed profile and crisp rib matting suggests these have not been subject to refinishing since they left the factory. Bores measure 0.614" and are bright, crisp and shiny from the 2-3/4" chambers to their muzzles. Chokes are 0.013" and 0.028" with minimum wall thickness at approx 0.038". The barrels lock up tight and true on the standing breech, leaving the top lever well to the right of center, which is great! Ejectors are strong and perfectly timed.
     With condition arguably as high as 95% and the overall "togetherness" of this gun, it represents a great value for a small bore American ejector from a well known maker, and in a unusual configuration.

     This example offered at $2750 SOLD
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