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Richmond, California

Ithaca Flues 4E 12 Bore

Here's a vintage, original Single Barrel Trap 4E Knick that is so close to perfect it hurts. Built in 1925, this is the first year of these "knick" guns, named for Frank Knickerboker; serial number actually places this one within the first 300 Knicks made, according to the Ithaca book. 32" barrel with perfect bore measuring .727 and choked .038...Matted vent rib sports two ivory beads; I spot only one tiny "nick" in the barrel blueing, otherwise mint. Engraving and case colors on the action are perfect; photos do no justice to the vivid iridescent case colors on this frame! Approx 1-3/4" drop at heel and 14-5/8" pull over basket weave "Pachmayer Presentation" pad. Original gloss stock finish beginning to "check"... few people would be able to find the two tiny handling marks on the beautifully figured wood. Unengraved gold initial shield present on buttstock. Serial #40036X-T. Lack of breech face wear/peening suggests extremely little use; I suppose there is no such thing as a 100% gun that has been actually handled and fired, so I have to rate this one a mere 99.5%...The previous owner kept this Knick for 47 years, as he tells it, and put 100 rounds through it. We don't know the history before his ownership. Here is the opportunity to own a rare, almost unheard-of, combination of vintage and original mint condition. There are other newer guns out there for less money and lesser guns for more...I've seen them...

No Longer Available
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