Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

John Martz Navy Luger

     Guns customized by Mr Martz are getting rare. This particular piece has been modified to include the Martz safety. As I understand the concept, the toggle will remain open after the last shot. Shooter then flips-up the safety, changes magazines, and then disengages safety to drop the toggle/bolt and chamber a round.
     Frame serial number 8545 does not match several of the other parts on the pistol, as is the case with most Martz guns. As one would expect, the gun is tight and crisp and without detractions. Period. 9mm barrel is 6" long and retains a beautiful, crisp, shiny bore. It was related to me that the grips are also of Mr Martz's construction.  The included magazine has a plastic bottom.
     This pistol has been shot, and retains approx 98% finish.

     Offered at SOLD
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