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Richmond, California

Kerner 9.3x74 O/U Rifle

     Chambered for the venerable 9.3x74 cartridge, this Pre-War Ernst Kerner double rifle offers both practicality and great looks. Regulated for modern ammunition by JJ Peridoux, and modern 30mm Schmidt and Bender scope, make this double a contender in the field alongside the best of contemporary guns. Without the scope mounted, this rifle tips the scale at just a hair over eight pounds, and balance point is about an inch ahead of the hingepin.      Length of pull is 14" from the front trigger, over the factory horn buttplate. These dimensions, playing together, make the piece feel splendid and lively in our hands.
     The stock is of a nicely figured piece of walnut with especially attractive marbling rising from the belly and into the cheekpiece. The metal is slightly proud of the wood at the inletting, simply due to age. However, the wood is tight and crack-free, with a minimum of small handling marks, beautiful oil finish, and crisp, very intact fine checkering and borders.
     The 24-7/8" Extractor barrels ring true and have crisp, clean, shiny bores, chambers and rifling from front to back. They lock up tight to the action with no discernible movement, leaving the top lever just about at dead center after closing smartly. The double Kersten crossbolts are also a nice touch, and added piece of mind while touching off any of the larger cartridges!
     The receiver is clean inside and out, with no evidence of neglect or rust. Case colors have aged to a nice even patina over the exposed surfaces, and the tasteful engraving is still crisp and sharp...A testament that the finish has not been polished, stoned or "buffed," thank goodness.
     Classy looks, combined with caliber, condition and modern scope make this a particularly attractive rifle, and at a great price. Why spend more for a modern "production" gun when you can hunt with a unique and vintage sidekick like this?

     Offered at $7950
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