Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Krag US 1898 Rifle

     Straight out of the time capsule, this beautiful 1898 Krag rifle is like a breath of fresh air. That is, compared to the sea of Krags that have been horribly rusted, cracked, modified...or worse..."restored" by those who should not attempt such!
     This example has apparently evaded any attempt at modification, and has been stored properly for many years. After removing preservative grease from the exterior, we were amazed at the high level of surface condition and finish retained. The metal has a beautiful mix of original finish and aged patina all over. There are no rust pits, period. The closest to corrosion is some frosting on the front edge of the loading gate, and on the buttplate.
     The bore is bright, crisp and shiny, with sharp rifling and tool/machining marks still visible in the grooves. I don't think a barrel can be any better. The chamber and action interior appear untouched and beautiful. There is still much of the preservative grease remaining, but the rifle will require dismantling to completely wash it out. 
     Stock wood has a surprisingly nice grain pattern for a military rifle. Wood has surface dings, pressure marks and handling dings, as seen in the pictures, but is evidently crack-free, oil-soak-free, retains crisp, beautiful cartouches, and has evaded sandpaper! Wood to metal fit is superb; it is possible the stock has not been removed from the action since leaving the factory. Trap door in the buttplate operates crisply; cavity in the buttstock is empty.
     Close inspection reveals that this rifle is mechanically perfect. There are no worn components, and everything operates smoothly. All the details that one would expect in a collector-grade rifle are present...Not a 100% untouched specimen, but fantastic none the less. 

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