Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

L.C. Smith 12ga Grade 2E

     We are now offering this particularly scarce 12 bore L.C. Smith Grade 2 Ejector gun with the famous "Hunter One Trigger." Thirty inch "Crown Steel" barrels ring true, have a beautifully blacked finish and 2-3/4" chambers. Bores are clean and nice, and measure 0.732" with 0.024/0.032 chokes. The barrels lock up tight to the beautifully case colored receiver and the ejectors are strong and properly timed. We estimate case colors at 85-90% remaining. The single trigger operates properly with the switch in either position. Safety is non-automatic.
     The stock is crafted of a gorgeous piece of figured walnut and retains crisp checkering and borders. Pull is total 13-7/8" from the Hunter One single trigger over the end of a 1-1/4" Pachmayr Old English pad. Drops are 1-5/8 at the comb and 2-9/16 at the heel.
     Likely made in 1909, this seven pound fourteen ounce gun balances at the hinge pin and is ready for another lifetime of service in the field.

     No Longer Available
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