Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Mannlicher Schoenauer 52

Cal 30-06 "Original Mannlicher Schoenauer" Model 1952 by Steyer Daimler Puch A.G in Steyer, Austria. Magazine floorplate marked Waffen D'Schulnigg (an Austrian "custom shop") in Salzburg instead of the expected "Stoeger" who was at the time sole US importer. This rifle made its way into the US by other means. Besides the stunningly beautiful original condition, other special features include 4X Nickel Supre steel-body scope with soldered steel half-rings (Vienna mount) into perfectly fitted claw mounts and bases, the front of which is integral with a band soldered to the rear of the barrel. This accomplishes both the proper eye-relief as well as leaving the front reciever ring visible, with its beautiful lettering and stippling. 24" round tapered barrel retains minty bore and is accented with banded front sight base, band for fore-end retention, and island/band rear base for express sight, with one standing and one folding leaf. Light weight sporter stock with cheekpiece for right-handed shooter exhibits no cast, approx 14" length of pull, fluted nose, tasteful pitch and curve for the black, serrated plastic buttplate, black grip cap and european style swivels which accomodate a one-inch sling! A shotgun style trigger guard nicely frames double-set triggers. Screw slots are crisp and "timed" and nary a handling mark visible in the blueing or wood finish. Offered at $3950
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