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Mannlicher Schoenauer GK

     Attention Mannlicher Schoenauer Collectors! This Model GK carbine from 1964 represents a particularly special find! This adorable and complete GK weighs eight pounds eleven ounces, and seven pounds seven ounces with the Claw Mount scope removed. The metal and finish on this remarkable piece are nothing short of stunning. The pictures simply do not do the metal condition justice; at a gun show, this would be the Schoenauer that stands out as a star, among a sea of rifles that have met with a combination of an inexperienced mechanic and a large buffing wheel! Chambered for 7X64 Brenneke, the 20 inch barrel retains a beautiful, crisp, shiny bore and chamber, and the action snicks shut as smooth as one would expect from this breed of rifle. One has to scrutinize the metal finish very closely to find any nicks or flaws. The tang safety button itself appears to be an after factory addition: Safe is engaged with the slide AWAY from the "S" mark on the tang extension. The safety operates effectively; however, we have heard that these safety buttons were regularly removed from rifles, because the bolt safety has plenty of room to be engaged with the ample clearance afforded by these types of scopes.
     The eyebell of the variable 4X10 Nickel scope is marked by the famous gun customizing firm "KURT JAGER-MAINZ" and retains crisp, clear optics and smooth adjustments. The reticle is "German #4" according to our research. The rail mount scope has fitted steel claw mounts that lock up tight to their bases.
     The beautiful stock is crack-free, has great checkering, cheekpiece for a right handed shooter, and superb fit at the inletting. Length of pull is 14-3/4" over a still-soft Pachmayr White Line pad. Notice that the back of the stock has not been cut for the pad installation, and still retains its "curve." This means the stock should still accept a factory style buttplate if one wishes to make this change. Wood finish appears original and in very nice shape, with only minor scattered nicks and pressure marks.
     Rifle will be sold with two partial boxes of factory ammunition and a set of reloading dies for 7X64 Brenneke.
     Overall, this extraordinary rifle represents a special find and a particular bargain. Are you ready to install a sling and put it to use?

     This example offered at $SOLD
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