Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Mauser 1910 25ACP Pistol

     This is a very nice example of the first production model Mauser 1910 pistol in 25ACP caliber. Serial number 147XX was intended for export to the United States, evidenced by the "VL&D" markings on the slide. Notice the "side latch," present only on first production guns. Matching numbers and excellent remaining finish make this example really stand out in a sea of tremendously rusted and pitted 1910 pistols for sale. Minor high edge wear and handling marks still leave the finish possibly as high as 90%. Mechanically very sound and proper nickel magazine add to the desireable features. Trigger and take-down lever retain strong nitre colors, and nitre is approx 70% on the grip screws. Colors are gone from the extractor, as this part is fairly exposed when handling, and has a soft, even patina. Proper one-piece wood grips are in geat shape,with checkering getting a bit smooth. Bore is "frosted" but retains functional rifling. This is typical of the period, as most ammunition was still corrosive. This pistol function tested flawlessly using modern ammunition. The safety engages positively and releases crisply when the release button is pressed. This pistol exudes a certain "togetherness" and high level of condition, and appears to have avoided the hands of "restorers" and unqualified gunsmiths.

     This example offered at $695 SOLD
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