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Richmond, California

Mauser 30-06 G&H Mount

     This is an exquisite and beautifully surviving rare example of an Original Oberndorf Mauser Sporting Rifle. Serial number 8312X indicates Mauser produced this action around 1921. The front ring is caliber-marked "US 1906." This, along with the floorplate stamped "Germany" suggests it was originally intended for export to the United States. The beautifully installed single lever Griffin and Howe scope mount, along with the tell-tale chequering style on the bolt knob, hint that the rifle was customized by the firm Griffin and Howe. Above the mount's color case hardened release lever we see "PAT. APPL. FOR" and on the underside of the unit and on the fixed rail the serial number 14 appears; this is a testament as to how early a Griffing and Howe example we have here! Within the mount is a great condition Hensoldt Klein Dialyt 2-3/4X steel-body scope, with very clear optics.
     Weighing approx 7-1/4 pounds with the scope removed, this rifle epitomizes the classic lightweight hunting rifle. The detail remaining on the all matching serial numbered components indicates this is the original black finish. Remaining metal finish is conservatively 95+% and has an un-messed-with glow. The 24" barrel retains a perfect bore and chamber, ramp front sight base with file cut matting and band-mounted sling swivel. The banded rear sight base is now empty, likely because the original standing sight would have interfered with the added Lyman rear tang sight; we suspect the Lyman was also installed by Griffin and Howe.
     The slender Walnut stock, with straight grain and cheekpiece for a right handed shooter, exhibits approx 2" drop at heel and 14" pull over a Pachmayer recoil pad. Additional features include a slight schnable at the fore-end, steel grip cap and a tasteful brass initial plate nicely inletted behind the tang. 
     The combination of attributes discussed and a usable caliber make this a special rifle indeed!

     Offered at $3950 SOLD
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