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Mauser Type A 9.3x62

     In excellent condition, this Mauser Type A rifle in 9.3x62 caliber represents a particularly scarce find. Tables in Jon Speeds book Original Oberndorf Sporting Rilfes places production date around 1930-31. The left action wall retains the earlier (pre WWI) "Waffenfabrik Mauser..." markings, suggesting the receiver was made pre-WWI and finished into a rifle with a serial number in approx 1930. This seven pound rifle benefits greatly from the stock oil finish and metal blacking having been recently refreshed. Condition remains excellent on the stock, with only a few minor handling marks and dark spots. Metal is crisp, black and beautiful, with nary a flaw to be found in the slow rust-blue finish. Bore, chamber and rifling are crisp, shiny and clean from back to front. Nitre blue accents include the trigger, lock screws for the action screws, spring and screw for the bolt stop and floorplate's release lever and its screw.
     Intended for export to British markets, the Type A rifles were considered the best Mauser grade and had better wood and finishing. Again refering to Mr Speed's tables, this is a "Pattern Nr. 1" rifle (pg.105) and he describes these as follows: "Expressly made for the English market, superior finish with round tapered barrel, silver bead front sight on sleeved on block with matted surface, single trigger (double pull), hinged magazine bottom plate, lever release bottom plate or in trigger guard, best selected walnut with cheekpiece, full chequered and horn capped pistol grip, foreend chequered and horn capped, ribbed steel heelplate and eyes for sling. [pattern nr.1] 24 inch barrel, long express sight with standard for 100 yards and silver lined leaves for 200,300,400,500" This example diverges from the description slightly, and has a white dot on the front sight, and Mauser-logo horn buttplate.  
     Chambered for the 9.3x62 cartridge, This Medium caliber "...can certainly be recommended for Africa for general use." (John "Pondoro" Taylor's book African Rifles & Cartridges ) Mr Taylor describes in his book how fond he was of the 9.3, adding "It was an extremely satisfactory cartridge, and a splendid killer." The Speer Reloading Manual lists data for the 9.3x62, and describes its factory balistics as "slightly ahead of the 35 Whelen and about equal to the wildcat 338-06" Still popular today, loaded ammunition and reloading components are available from fine suppliers such as Midway USA. 
     Choice configuration, caliber and condition make this rifle an especially rare find.

     Offered at $8450
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