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Parker 12ga 3 Barrel Set

     Fresh from the time capsule, this Parker 1-1/2 Frame 12 bore G-Grade ensemble is aching to get back into the field. As higher grade Parker gun, the GH model has a moderate amount of fine engraving and is very popular. Cased, with three barrels and three fore ends, this is a particularly unusual and complete offering for a 112 year old gun. Serial #948XX places manufacture of this gun at the turn of the century, but there is nowhere near a century of wear and tear on this gun. This example has double triggers, automatic safety, manual extractors, blank silver initial shield and a pistol grip stock made of gorgeous figured walnut. Pull from the front trigger over the original Dogshead buttplate is 13-5/8"with 3-3/8" drop at heel and 2" drop at the comb. The stock and all three fore ends are very intact, crack-free, with crisp checkering and "pride" over the metal at nearly all points of inletting. Under close scrutiny, one will notice only slight handling marks and scattered nicks in the wood, a small chip out of the toe of the buttplate, but none of mechanical or aesthetic consequence.
     By examining the three barrels, we conclude this gun left the factory with a 28" set of Damascus barrels. Shortly thereafter Parker fitted it with a set of 30" fluid steel GH grade barrels and fore end. The 26" barrels were likely added while Remington was in control of the Parker firm, and these are VH grade finish, as is their fore end. All three barrels and fore ends, numbered 1,2,3, are serial numbered to the receiver and all lock up tight on face, leaving the top lever just to the right of center. The three barrel sets are in great shape and all "ring true," indicating tight and intact ribs.
     With the 26" barrels installed the gun weighs seven pounds three ounces and balances approx 1/2" behind the hinge pin. The concave rib is squiggle-matted and has an ivory bead front sight. These steel barrels have 2-3/4" chambers and bright, shiny 0.734" bores, choked 0.008 and 0.013. This combination would make a fun and quick upland bird gun.
     With the 28" Damascus barrels mounted the entire gun weighs in at seven pounds one ounce and balances just behind the hingepin. The concave rib has an ivory bead front sight installed. These Damascus barrels were expertly rust blued to better match the rest of the barrel sets, and the black finish is flawless and as-new. The 2-1/2" chambered barrels have 0.735" bores and are choked 0.005 and 0.022. The bores are bright and shiny, with a few tiny dark spots visible ahead of the right forcing cone; these may clean-up with a good scrubbing.
     With the 30" barrels installed the gun weighs in at seven pounds four ounces and balances at the hingepin. Concave rib is matted, with ivory front sight bead. These steel barrels have 2-3/4" chambers and bright, shiny 0.735" bores and are choked 0.040 and 0.040" or full-and-full. These barrels were likely configured for live pigeon and turkey shooting.
     Case colors on the receiver and exposed areas of the fore end irons are worn to an even, aged patina. There is no rust pitting evident, or any other mechanical deficiencies. The action cocks smoothly and both triggers operate crisply. We removed the action's bottom plate for a quick inspection and the internal workings are clean and bright, indicating the gun gas not seen hard service or been subject to water in the action or internal rusting.
     The fitted Mahogany trunk case is in solid, handsome shape. Tastefully lined with green wool felt and adorned with a black and gold Parker trade label, this case nestles the gun and three barrels in a regal fashion. The lid closes smartly as its tight fit displaces the air. The lid is supported by four stout hinges and fastens with three latches. All eight case corners are strengthened by steel bolsters. Leather covered handle is in great shape, with intact stitching and free of cracks. Nickel plating on the case hardware is tarnished to an even patina commensurate with the case's age.  Likely made in the 1950's, we are told this resembles a Buckley case. We have not seen any other examples of Mr. Buckley's work, but welcome any related information from our viewers.
     Here is the opportunity to add a special gun to your collection. Not a "Safe Queen" by any means, this very shootable set will still make your friends envious!

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