Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Purdey 12GA Self-Opener

     Here is the opportunity to acquire a proper Purdey self-opener at the right price. Housed in the original best quality oak and leather case, the labels in which are numbered to the gun, this is a gun to be proud of. The stock, with leather covered pad, appears to have been refinished nicely at some point in the past. Drop measures 1-1/2" at the comb and 2-1/2" at the heel. Pull is 15" over the leather covered recoil pad, and the butt has a slight cast off for a right handed shooter.  Balance point is under the hingepin, as one would ideally expect.
      Thirty inch Chopper Lump barrels are choked 0.009" and 0.034" with both bores at 0.739" and 1-1/8oz nitro proofed for 2-1/2" shells. Wall thickness reads 0.022" at its thinnest, as best as we could measure. Barrels ring true. Finish is worn thin, but there is a good surface there to reblack, without having to strike pits or raise dents. Minor staining in the pictures should clean up easily, or just leave it alone and shoot the gun. Barrels lock up tight to the action, with top lever just slightly to the left of center. Lock up was checked with the locks removed, just to be sure. Automatic safety and ejectors operate flawlessly.
This gun retains a properly labeled best quality oak and leather case. Just add Barrel Blacking, cleaning rod and accessories to taste, to complete your package.

     This example offered at $SOLD
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