Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Purdey 12ga Hammer Gun

     Here is a delightful Purdey Snap Action 12 Bore "Bar in Wood" Hammer Gun cased with accessories. The beautiful thirty inch Damascus Steel barrels have bright, shiny 0.747" bores, 2-1/2" chambers and right and left are choked cylinder and 0.002" respectively. This six pound twelve ounce gun #9108 surprisingly bears later than expected three ton "Armstrong" proofs on its barrel flats! These have an Oxford Street address on the top rib. These extractor equipped barrels lock up tightly to the action.
     Typical best-quality Purdey shows in the metal work and engraving. We find the sculpting of the percussion style fences and gorgeous rebounding hammers particularly appealing.
     The beautiful stock exhibits approx 14-3/8" pull and 2-3/8" drop at heel. The metal is at present detectably proud of the wood at the inletting. Please notice the repair at the fore-end tip. This could have been performed to a higher standard, is still correctable by a proper gunsmith, and has no bearing on the mechanical function of the gun.

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