Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Purdey Matched Pair

     Here is the rare opportunity to own a true matched pair of self-opening James Purdey lightweight game guns.
     These 12 Bores, weighing-in at 6-1/2 pounds per gun, are consecutive numbered (2052X) masterpieces which benefit greatly from recent refreshing by British shotgun master David Trevallion. Their lively, well-balanced feel between in the hands only adds to their beauty.

     Pulls are approx 14-1/2"  from checkered wood butts to non-articulated front triggers.  2-1/2" drop at heel and 1-1/2" drop at comb, with no discernible cast, causes these wonderful guns to naturally come to the shoulder for quick shots. Stunningly beautiful walnut remains "proud" over the locks, actions and tangs.

     Guns are equipped with automatic safeties and 30" swamped-rib Whitworth steel chopper lump barrels. Balance point feels approx 1/4": ahead of the hinge pin, helping the swing to feel neither whippy nor sluggish. Both guns are choked .005 and .025 with 2-3/4" chambers and nitro proofs for 1-1/8 ounce loads. 

     Cased with accessories in an impressively well-maintained best-quality oak and leather trunk, these are gorgeous guns with nary a handling mark, impeccable case colors and wood and metal finish. They exhibit tight lock-up, perfectly-timed ejectors and well-cut checkering with mullered borders.     
     Only the most discerning of shotgunners and collectors are invited to contact us regarding this regal package, offered at $79500
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