Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Purdey Pigeon Gun

     Here is the opportunity to acquire the ultimate Purdey heavy-duty self-opener for your next hunt or live pigeon competition! This beautiful 7-1/2 pound example has 30" chopper lump barrels choked 0.028/0.045 automatic ejectors and stippled semi-concave rib with dual beads. These are Armstrong heavy proofed for 2-3/4" 1-1/4 ounce loads. Barrels retain a nice and even black finish and the bores, measuring 0.732-0.733, are bright and clean.
     The impressively engraved self-opening action retains nice case colors and locks-up tight on face. Top lever stops snugly just a hair to the left of center and crisply sets the automatic safety.
     Beautifully-figured walnut stock has nary a handling mark and exhibits 14-1/2" pull from over the Pachmayer pad to the non-articulated front trigger. The raised comb has approx 1-1/2" drop at the nose and 1-3/4 drop at its rear. Drop at heel is approx 2-1/4" With barely-perceptible cast off and balancing approx 1/4" ahead of the hinge pin, this gun feels surprisingly lively in the hands. The beavertail fore-end and "thicker" buttstock dimensions surely lend to the balance and feel of this fine gun.
     Also included is a Best Quality oak and leather trunk case with the pictured accessories and books.

     This fine package is offered at $39500
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