Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Ruger Standard Auto 22

     This configuration was made by Sturm Ruger from 1952 to 1982 and is likely one of the most popular .22 pistols in  country, and recognized worldwide as dependable and long lasting.  Made around 1965-1966, this example, serial # 4133XX, retains a very decent level of condition. There is thinning of the blue and evidence of mild surface corrosion in the past, mostly concentrated on the front of the receiver ring; from more than a foot away it is nearly invisible. The 4-3/4" barrel retains a clean, crisp shiny bore with sharp rifling from front to back, and no evidence of "dry firing" on the breech face. The hard rubber grips are crack free, and have only a few spots of flattened-out diamonds. Mechanically perfect, pre 1968 manufacture, and very presentable, this pistol represents a scarce find for the Ruger collector and any Sportsman seeking a great, reliable .22 sidearm. Includes the one magazine as pictured.

     This example offered at $295 SOLD
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