Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

S&W Hand Ejector 32-20

     This beautiful 32-20 caliber Smith and Wesson is a scarcely seen gem! Serial #809XX.  In target configuration with pinned front, and adjustable rear sights,  this is the opportunity for the advanced S&W collector to acquire a rather rare pistol. Metal finish is a gorgeous gloss blue, and may have been refinished at some point. Edges are crisp and the frame sides are ripple-free, indicating this example has not been tortured by a "buffer." Crisp, beautiful and sharp describes the lettering, as well as the checkering on the hammer spur, cylinder release and ejector rod knob. The six inch barrel retains a great bore, with intact lands and grooves. There is some "frosting" toward the breech. Cylinder chambers are clean, with some "frosting" at the front 1/4" or so. Screw heads and slots look PERFECT, and the right sideplate fits tight and beautifully to the frame. The walnut grips retain excellent, crisp, near perfect checkering, and the medallions are original and un-messed-with. There is a small chip out of the wood on the bottom of the left grip panel, and a dent on the right lower front corner of the right panel. The grips fit tight and nice to the frame, with no apparent wood shrinkage or cracks. There is some green discoloration inside the brass, but we dared not try to clean it out, for fear of damaging the fine detail in the medallions. Mechanically the revolver is great. We found a half box of loaded cartridges and used those for test firing. The gun functioned wonderfully in both single and double action, and accuracy results offhand at 25 yards were impressive, even in MY hands! What a wonderfully refreshing vintage pistol.

     This example offered at SOLD

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