Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

S&W Hand Ejector 38

     Here is a refreshing find! Thought there were around a quarter million Military and Police Model of 1905 Hand Ejector pistols manufactured, only a small quantity were in the target configuration with adjustable sights. This is one of them, and it retains a near perfect finish and mechanical integrity. There are some mysterious scratches on the hammer and some corrosion spotting on the trigger, but thats about it. The bore is excellent, with crisp lands and grooves and clean muzzle and breech. The cylinder and breech faces are free of pitting and battering and are a testament to how well this pistol was cared for, and how little it was shot! Mechanical function is glassy and smooth, as one would expect from a well preserved early Smith and Wesson. The grips are crisp and crack free and the hammer and trigger retain excellent case coloring, adding to the overall togetherness of this piece. Serial #5821XX matches on the frame, barrel and cylinder.

     This example offered at $SOLD
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