Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

S&W Mod 41 Target Pistol

     This S&W 41 Package easily retains 98% condition. In addition to the pristine 7" Model 41 (serial # TFT052X) you will also get the pictured additional three barrels, a set of rings and hardware for the B-Square scope mount, a set of adjustable walnut target grips and a semi-finished set of walnut thumb rest grips. The one included magazine is S&W marked on its floor plate.
      The three addional barrels are as follows:
      1. 5-1/2" with scope mount. This has some scratches on the blued sides but is otherwise in excellent shape with super bore.
      2. 5-1/2" as above but overall in excellent condition, including blue finish.
      3. 5" lightweight barrel in excellent condition overall. The front sight has a red plastic insert pressed into a dovetail cut. 
     This pistol and accessories are original, without any refinishing or other indiscretions having been performed.

     This grouping offered at $1995 SOLD
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