Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

S&W Mod 52 Target 38

     Here is another jewel recently retrieved from the time capsule! This Smith and Wesson Target pistol is a beautiful example of the first offering of this model; notice this is a straight 52, no dash. There are estimated only 3500 of these made between 1961 and 1963, and many of them got shot ALOT. This example was presented to us as unfired, and after close examination, they may be right!. The action interior is clean and uniformy black, barrel ramp looks completely unabraded, and the breechface looks as if it may not have seen a piece of brass yet!
     There are, under very close scrutiny, some slight handling marks, likely from having resided in the safe next to other guns for decades, without being wrapped-up in a protective covering. There is the one S&W marked magazine included, but box and papers have disappeared long ago.
     This is the opportunity to obtain a rather scarce target pistol in fine condition.

     This example offered at $1150 SOLD
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