Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

S&W Registered 357

     Here is an example of the rarest Smith and Wesson revolver produced, in the rarest barrel length, 5-1/2" according to the Blue Book of Gun Values. Serial number 48758 places production at approximately 1935-1936, with "registration" number 1427. As it was related to our firm, this pistol was sent, by the previous owner, back to Smith and Wesson for re-blueing. For unknown reasons the factory replaced the cylinder and crane. The original cylinder was returned, but the location of the original crane is unknown. Our research revealed that an early model 27 crane could likely facilitate fitting this original serial-numbered cylinder back to this pistol.
     The re-blue job is absolutely beautiful, and has only a few handling marks on the barrel rib and sideplate. Lettering, seams, screw slots are crisp and nice. The trigger and hammer retain excellent case colors. Front King sight is currently lacking the reflector; we suspect this could be replaced without too much effort. The action is tight and the bore perfect.
     Overall, this pistol exhibits a "togetherness" rarely encountered for sale, especially at this price. An original finish, in-the-box-with-papers specimen would command a price six times the offering price of this beauty, making this a bargain.  

     Offered at $5150
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