Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Sharps Carbine

     New Model 1863 centerfire cartridge conversion. 22" barrell retains original bore---NOT RELINED--- in beautiful condition. Sharp six-groove rifling from chamber to muzzle, with "machining marks" still clearly present in the grooves; bore only has developed patina proving it has existed and been fired over the last century. This example has the rare spring-loaded firing pin, which was only installed in the earliest conversions. Un-messed-with wood and metal retain excellent finish, case colors, with a nice aged patina on the bottom of the reciever, lever and buttplate. Single standing front blade sight and folding tangent rear in excellent shape. Cartouche clear and crisp on left of buttstock, and visible under the saddle ring. An honest rifle with character and handling marks, but devoid of battle scars, cracks or signs of abuse or neglect.

     Offered at $6850
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