Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Springfield Sporter '06

     This is perhaps the finest Springfield Factory 1903 Sporter we have seen! This piece retains easily 97% condition, and possibly as high as 99% and is completely original, with matching numbers. Under very close scrutiny one may notice slight finish wear on the heel of the match buttplate, some small scratches on the front of the barrel and barely perceptible handling marks on the proper grooved stock. Otherwise, this rifle is as spectacular as they come! We feel that any more would over explain it, and the pictures will speak for themselves.
     With the rifle is a scrap book containing its prominance and correspondence between the previous owner (deceased) and the fellow from whom he bought it nearly 28 years ago. Included is the original Springfield factory letter (1983), indicating shipment first in 1934 to a customer in Iowa. We also have the original barrel Star Gaging record card, sent to the previous owner by Lt Col W.M. Brophy (Ret.) in 1983.
     This is the opportunity for an advanced Springfield collector to obtain a rare key piece in beautiful condition!

     Offered at $5750 SOLD
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