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Union Armera 12 Ga Pair

A True Matched Pair of Sidelock Ejector Lightweight Game Guns!
Union Armera also produced guns sold with other names on the barrels such as William Powell of Birmingham, Francotte, Griffin and Howe, and Orvis, and is one of the most prestigious Basque (NOT Spanish) custom makers. The company Director, Mr. Usobiaga, eventually changed their name to "Grulla" - the Crane, and they are marketed as such today. 
This Pair, each gun weighing 7 pounds, is marked with inlaid gold numbers "1" and "2" in several places, so as to not mix-up barrel sets, forearms and actions.
26" Chopper Lump barrels are choked improved and modified (#1 gun 0.007 and 0.012, #2 gun 0.008 and 0.013" restrictions) with ivory front beads atop fine file matted Churchill style ribs, and extensive fine scroll engraving at top and sides of breach ends and back of the ribs. 2-3/4" chambers are heavy-proofed at 900kg. Opening the gun reveals Purdey style hidden third bites nestled between automatic ejectors and disc-set strikers with gas vents and engine-turned water tables and barrel flats.  
More of the fine Boss-like five-rose-bouquet and scroll engraving draws the eye down the beaded fences to the carefully-fit full bar-action seven pin Holland and Holland type hand-detachable sidelocks with cocking indicators and intercepting sears. These locks are finished and polished as finely inside as they are engraved and fit on the outside. 
Other features include automatic safeties, articulated front triggers, beaded trigger guards, consecutive serial numbers, teardrops, fine cut and bordered checkering and 14-1/4" pull to new Pachmayer Decelerator pads. Drop approx 2-1/4" with no discernible cast.
This pair operates flawlessly every shot, with perfectly timed ejectors and great handling. Though some may claim that they are "geographically challenged" They represent an incredible value, at a fraction of their retail replacement cost, and a mere financial triffle compared to a "London Best" pair. With the high quality represented by this true matched pair, I doubt that but few people on the planet could tell the "geographic" difference from more than five feet away, and certainly cannot tell not by shooting these guns!
Offered at $12500
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