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WJ Jeffery 375H&H Magnum

     Here is a truly well-proportioned British 375 Belted Magnum bolt rifle built on the famed Magnum Mauser Square bridge action, the 9 Golden Square/Piccadilly address on the barrel and case label places the completed rifle anywhere, according to Boothroyd, between 1929 to 1955. However, the Mauser reciever serial number, according to Jon Speed, places the action (matching numbers, by the way on bolt, trigger housing, etc) production to 1912, an auspicious date! That year the 375 Magnum cartridge was introduced by Holland and Holland. Unrelated but equally significant, J. Rigby's arrangement as sole Mauser action importer to Great Britian ended in 1912, allowing other firms to more easily aquire these awesome actions for building their custom rifles. Please note that this is not a military Mauser 98 action that has been "milled-out" internally to accomodate the long 375 Magnum cartridge, as so many makers used, due to the relative difficulty of acquiring true magnum-length actions.
     The quality of this original stock, as you see from the photos, is extraordinarily good. Not flashy, but straight-grained, strong and attractive, with proper British proportions from the horn fore-end tip to the chequered metal trap butt plate, and trimmed with flat-top checkering, mullered borders, and gold oval inlaid between rear express swivel stud and the horn grip cap. Length of pull to single trigger is approx 14-1/4".
     Pushbutton release straddle floorplate is present as expected on a magnum, and nearly all visible screws timed; the two main action screws tighten to within a couple degrees of timed. 24" barrel, though it has evidence of Cordite having been fired through it, has strong bore with great rifling, island front and rear sight bases; front fixed blade with fine ivory fixed bead and push-button release hood with knurled band on its front. Rear express sight has one standing and two folding leaves, marked 1,2,3 and the folding leaves are clean, crisp and positive. All three leaves have inlaid fine white metal line for low light visibility. Steel body 5X Hensoldt scope retains crystal-clear optics, no rust, and beautiful blacked finish, soldered rings and Rigby-style claw mounts, the rear bolted to the partially milled-down reciever square bridge. Elevation turret marked 1,2,3,4. On the "1" setting I shot a three shot group of 1-1/2" at 100 yards, and then the recoil got to me!       
     Original hard canvas fitted trunk case sports leather trim, brass corners and operational brass lock WITH a key, Jeffery-marked oil bottle, leather scope-carrying case in excellent condition.
     Here is the opportunity to own a proper cased British rifle with many desireable and rare qualities.
     Remember: a fine gun needs caliber, completeness and class in order to be a star in your collection!

Offered at $21,500
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