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Walter Locke Bolt Rifle

     This rifle is a real head turner! From twenty feet away one has only to see the profile of this fine piece and know right away it is a British rifle. Walter Lock & Co., a competitor to the Manton and Co. firm in Calcutta, was supplied their guns by various British companies including Westley Richards, Rigby, Holland and Holland and W.J. Jeffery. This example, after partial dismantling to inspect overall condition, revealed the name "WJ Jeffery" written in on the butt, concealed by the contoured steel butt plate. The stock is built in the Jeffery style, including the choice of particularly nice walnut, slender fore end with horn tip, pronounced pistol grip and a buttstock that is smaller behind the grip and bigger at the back, compared to some other makers. 13-1/4" pull over the two-stage trigger combines nicely with 2-1/2" drop at heel and 1-1/2" drop at comb, for use of the scope. Checkering and borders are crisp and the stock has a minimum of handling and pressure marks on what appears to be an older hand-rubbed oil refinish. Stock barrel channel has the same 4-digit serial (stamped) number as the front ring. This number is also repeated on the front strap of the pistol grip. 
     Further examination reveals that this rifle was carried and used. Initially it likely had no telescopic sight, rather just a one-standing, four folding leaf rear express sight, in the Mauser Type-A style. A patch in the stock, under the bolt release, betrays that a Lyman-style peep sight was once installed, likely the type that integrated a bolt stop in the sight body. At that point the standing portion of the rear sight was eliminated. The rifle's evolution continued when the beautiful Nickel Supra Diflex scope was added, cleanly and professionally mounted on Talley rings and bases. The aluminum-body scope is variable 1.5X6 power and retains crisp, clear optics, smooth adjustments and near perfect exterior surface finish. To accomodate the scope, the bolt handle has been contoured and safety converted properly to the Winchester-style side-swinging type.
     The Commercial Mauser action was and still is considered by Professional Hunters as the pillar of reliability in Africa and India. Likely used extensively in the hot, humid Indian climate, the exterior of the receiver and barrel shows evidence of previous mild surface corrosion. Luckily, due to dilligent cleaning and maintennance, the receiver interior is rust and pit free, and the bore is clean and shiny, with crisp, sharp rifling from front to rear. Surface finish remains a strong 95+% on an older re-black, retaining crisp edges where they belong and crisp lettering and proof marks.
     Chambered for the 318 Westley Richards cartridge, this eight pound, eleven ounce Mauser actioned hunting rifle balances at the front receiver ring and comes solidly to the shoulder for quick shots.
     John Taylor, in his book Afircan Rifles and Cartridges, concedes that the 318 Westley Richards  was the most popular and most widely-used British medium bore, accelerating a 250 grain bullet to around 2400fps. Flat trajectory and excellent penetration, he adds, make it a "splendid Killer." Even today, this is a popular and widely used cartridge. Midway USA has new production soft and solid Kynoch ammo in stock and ready to ship.
     Here is the opportunity to acquire a splendid, usable safari rifle, in a great caliber, configuration and condition!

     Offered at $6995 SOLD
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