Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Webley Solid Frame #5

     This is a very interesting revolver. We sure wish it were stamped with the Webley trademark! The only markings we see are the serial number "1" repeated on several components, and a faint proof stamp on the grip frame, visible with the grip removed. Fit and finish are every bit of what one would expect from a civilian Webley, right down to the hand-inletted walnut grip, tapered octagonal barrel and the Adams style ejector. An interesting feature which we have not yet seen ony any Webly is the safety lever on the left side of the frame; when engaged downwards, it blocks the trigger and hammer from moving. The three inch barrel has a crisp, clean shiny bore that appears nearly unused. Bore measure 0.365" across the grooves, using a set of vernier calipers. The cylinder is 1.276" long and chamber openings measure 0.372" front and 0.387" rear. This takes a rimmed cartridge and from the chamber interior shape, it must resemble a "38 long" or 360 style cartridge. Chambers are clean and shiny also. Mechanically the pistol is in excellent shape, with strong springs and crisp, positive feel in single and double action. The grips have some pressure marks in the checkering which may steam out, but that is for the next owner to attempt. The high-luster charcoal blue finish has deteriorated to about 75% condition, leaving some areas with an aged patina. There is no rust pitting evident.
     This is the opportunity to acquire a very unique revolver that would enhance any gun collection.

     This example offered at $995
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