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Westley Richards 12GA

     Three-barrel sets are uncommon for British guns. This C-Lever equipped Westley Richards retains very nice condition and exudes a particular level of class. The Oak and Leather case houses two sets of barrels. This seven pound, eleven ounce gun balances like a dream between the hands. 
     Factory "One Trigger" selective single trigger mechanism and ejectors operate flawlessly and the three sets of barrels lock-up tightly to the action. All three thirty inch barrels have applied or "dovetailed" lumps and share the same 2-3/4" nitro proofs for 1-1/4 oz loads! Bore and choke measurements are as follows:
#1. R=0.735" choked 0.059" L=0.737" choked 0.060" 
#2. R=0.739" choked 0.009" L=0.739" choked 0.011"
#3. R=0.743" choked 0.010" L=0.738" choked 0.039"
      The beautiful stock on this gun appears to have been refinished at some point in the past, and the metal is at present detectably proud of the wood at the inletting. There is evidence that suggests a repair through the head/wrist of the stock at some point in the past, although there is no external evidence of a crack or other deficiency. Length of pull is 14" from the single trigger over the pad. Drops are 1-3/4" at the comb and 2-5/8" at the heel.
     Metal and engraving on this gun are high quality Westley Richards, as expected, with no surprises.
     Included with the gun are Factory patterning cards for the first two sets of barrels, three-piece cleaning rod, turks head and mop, oil bottle, Westley Snap Caps and key for the latch. There are also two pieces of correspondence between a previous owner in New Zealand and the factory indicating this guns was completed in 1926 and consigned to Messrs. King & Henry in 1928.

     This example offered at $14,500
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