Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Winchester 97 12ga Pump

     This is a special shotgun due to its high level of condition. Serial #8846XX places production in 1940, making this a pre war gun. The 30" full choke barrel has a clean, crisp shiny bore that measures 0.733" with a 0.034" choke restriction. Fore end and buttstock have minor handling marks but appear completely un-sanded with original finish and devoid of any cracks. The toe of the original buttplate appears to have been cracked then reglued at some point. Buttplate fit is great, and the stock wood is proud and crisp at the receiver inletting. Length of pull is 13 inches. Mechanical function is excellent with dummy rounds. We have not fired this gun with live ammo. Action function is tight, positive and crisp. The matching number take-down front end fits tight and the whole gun is very solid. Receiver finish is near perfect, with a take-down "oops" on its left front. Receiver sides are flat and beautiful and the front and back radii are sharp and clean. The front end has minor finish wear as one would expect from a gun that was shot a good amount, but otherwise very well cared for.
     Not new in the box by any means, this example is much more presentable than most, and would make a proud, shootable addition to any gun collection.

     This example offered at $1050
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