Bell and Corbett Outfitters
Richmond, California

Winchester Mo 70 220 Cal

     This is a stunningly nice pre-64, pre-war Model 70 in a great caliber and desirable configuration. Made in mid-year 1941, this 220 Swift caliber rifle sports a 26" factory stainless steel barrel with beautiful, crisp, sharp, bright rifling from front to back. Only faint primer ring discoloration to the bolt face betray that this rifle has been fired at all! Bolt serial number matches the action. 
     Metal finish retains a very high level of condition, with only minor thinning on sharp edges, on the tops of the sight "horns," and bolt knob. A little more finish is worn through on the original sling swivels.
     The Stock is of a rather nice piece of walnut; it is crack free and beautiful. Checkering is crisp and even and appears un-messed-with. There are a few minor surface scratches visible when strong light is bounced off the surface, and the deeper dents are shown in the close-up photos. These would likely steam-out, but we dare not do that to a rifle this nice; we'll leave that to the next guy!
     In our hands, this rifle has a feeling of togetherness that the photos just don't express.

     This example offered at $2175 SOLD
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